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Business as usual is changing. Digital technology is driving the change and as it engages with business organizations, the changes it makes are creating a gap between leaders who are accountable for direction and performance and the technical and digital specialists required to operate effectively in this new world. This gap arises from a lack of experience in and exposure to the mechanics and practices of e-commerce for many business leaders, and a lack of experience in and exposure to the operation of a commercial undertaking for many digital specialists.
~ Christopher Bones; James Hammersley.
Leading Digital Strategy: Driving Business Growth Through Effective E-commerce
Our work helps brands cut through the noise, hype and the jargons, associated with Electronic Commerce, to be able to make a balanced assessment about current effectiveness and establish a programme of change to ensure that the best possible returns are generated.
~ Manoj Dhanwani
Director / Megan Impex Pvt. Ltd.
There is a wide-spread, misplaced belief that e-commerce runs on auto-pilot after the initial set-up, understandings & agreements, since it being a technology driven activity; while in reality, it is subject to lot of human interventions & behavior patterns of the digital experts operating on the said platform.
~ Dr Rajesh Walawalkar,
Ph. D Managment
Many would debate that pro-active and efficient monitoring is a value-add activity. However, not demonstrating that attribute would definitely result in substantial value erosion.
~ Dr Rajesh Walawalkar,
Ph. D Management
Blue Collared People with White Collared Approach.
~ Anonymous

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  • With over 15 years of experience in Organized Consumer Retail in the branded segment. Right from launch strategy, brand positioning, import, marketing, distribution, Supply chain management, Pricing and creating market share.
  • All formats of retail covered, from brick & mortar retail to modern retail formats like lifestyle retailing, to value retailing and hyper retailing.