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PAYTM sellers’ meet

PAYTM sellers’ meet took place in the midst of January 2016. The event was about PAYTM informing registered sellers about history, present and future plans of the business. PAYTM invited Manoj Dhanwani (one amongst three invitees) to address the sellers gathering. Manoj spoke about effective ways of managing the business of e-commerce, driving sales and having profitable outcome.

Among other important things, he highlighted the fact that in time to come, everybody associated with this business will have to work towards creating excellent customer experience while moving away from continuous discount-driven pricing strategy. According to him, the time is ripe to invest in big data, analytics and more importantly predictive analytics to drive business decisions.

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Megan Impex at Paytm Sellers' Meet
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Megan Impex at Paytm Sellers' Meet
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Megan Impex at Paytm Sellers' Meet
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